Green Tree Kids

Our mission is simple:

We want kids (and their parents) to look and feel great about how they dress. We do this by selling stylish high-quality clothes that are surprisingly inexpensive, and by making the buying process easy and accessible to everyone.

We keep costs low by searching globally for end lots from high quality manufacturers for such companies as Children’s Place, Lands End and Zara Kids. Our buyers pride themselves on finding and negotiating the best prices, which we pass on to you.

We make the process easy with things like our unique sizing method. Rather than create our own sizes that customers must translate, we simply show the key measurements so you know what will fit your child and what won’t. See our Sizing Video on how easy it is.

To be accessible to everyone, even those without credit cards, Green Tree Kids is proud to offer Payzely Charge accounts right from our website. There are no credit checks for a Payzely Charge, and approval is instant for everyone. All that is needed is a checking account that has online banking, and a small deposit. Rates and fees are very low, and terms are set for customer success.

Our promise is to make buying kids clothes easy fun and inexpensive!


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